How to cook your own crab legs

I had to try some crab legs because, well, I am a crab-lovin’.

They were fresh, crispy, and full of flavor.

I also love the fact that they were delicious on their own.

I’m so glad I finally found something to do with my time, as I am sure I will miss out on all the crab legs I used to have.

If you are looking for crab legs, I highly recommend getting some from a local grocery store.

The recipe for crab leg soup is simple.

You can find these delicious legs in any Asian grocery store and they will be super cheap.

But if you can’t find them, they are available at the Asian market, so you can also use a traditional recipe.

The crab legs are usually cooked in a large pot with a little water.

When they are cooked, the legs will have a slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

If they are left uncooked, they can be quite bitter.

But you can add a splash of soy sauce to taste if you like it a little tangy.

If your crab legs aren’t too dry, they will still taste good.