Which of the world’s top-rated restaurants is worth the price of admission?

In a bid to attract customers, restaurants have been pushing up prices to attract more business and customers, with some charging as much as $1,500 per person.

Here’s a look at the top-rating restaurants around the world, according to TripAdvisor.1.

Zagat restaurant in Dubai is a prime example of an Indian eatery that has consistently scored highly.

Zakharia Restaurant is the third-highest-rated Indian restaurant in the world with a score of 2,942 points.

It is also a favourite among travellers for its cuisine and friendly atmosphere.2.

 Handsome Fish is a fish and chip restaurant in Thailand, and is regarded as one of the best in the country.

Its score of 937 points puts it ahead of the likes of the Moo Chye Restaurant and the Fish Market.


TripAdvisor’s restaurant rating system uses a combination of reviews and customer feedback to provide a comprehensive assessment of a restaurant’s performance.

The rating system is based on factors such as food, service, and ambience, as well as customer reviews.


The French Laundry, a luxury hotel in Sydney, is an example of a popular eatery whose scores are based on customer feedback.


Dong Nang Sushi, a popular restaurant in Seoul, is one of two Thai restaurants that has a perfect score of 4,400 points.


Atmosphere at the Grand Central Market in New York is rated a 3,700, meaning the restaurant has been well-received by its customers.


The Green Bay Packers have the highest score of a 3.7 rating in the National Football League, according a TripAdviser review.


Thai eateries are also popular among travellers, with many of them boasting a score higher than 2,500.


Chop Suey, a restaurant in Shanghai, has the highest rating of 3,600, which is a score that has been given by TripAdvisors’ reviewers.


Kathleen’s Cafe, in London, has scored 3,500 points and is considered one of London’s top restaurants.


Foie Gras is a popular dessert at restaurants across the UK, with scores ranging from 1,600 to 2,300 points.

This is a result of reviews on TripAdvisory that include a review of the restaurant’s food, and a review by a Tripadvisor expert.


Nan Tsoi’s, a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo, has a score 3,100, which has been rated by Tripadvisors experts.


One of the most popular dining experiences in Tokyo is the “Tatsu-ya” meal, a traditional Chinese dish served with meatballs, rice and noodles.


Mangaluru, India’s largest city, has two Michelin stars and three Gold stars.

The restaurant in Narmada, the heart of the city, is ranked as one to watch.


Le Gavroche, an award-winning French restaurant in Lyon, France, has three Michelin star ratings and three gold stars.


Oriental Food, a premium restaurant in Hong Kong, is rated as one among the top restaurants in Hongkong, Singapore and the United States.


A Michelin-star restaurant in China is a top-ranked eatery in Taiwan.


Laurie’s Place is a luxury restaurant in Toronto, Canada, which was also awarded a Michelin Star.


La Cienega, a Spanish-style restaurant in Barcelona, has one Michelin starred and two Gold stars, which are the highest scores in Spain.


Pizza Hut is the world leader in the dessert category, with a high score of 3.1 points.

Its menu features more than 40 desserts, and many are a winner with TripAdvocates ratings.