Connie’s Seafood Junction: No sign of a sushi bar, but a sushi place?

Connie’s seafood restaurant and sushi bar will remain open, according to a restaurant manager.

The owners of the restaurant said that while they don’t know when the sushi bar would reopen, they will be open on a regular basis.

The owners of Connie’s also confirmed that they will not be making sushi again after the closure.

The restaurant opened in 2014 as a sushi restaurant, but it soon became a sushi-themed joint that also featured the restaurant’s signature seafood.

They also expanded into a sushi lounge, a sushi café, a fish market, and a sushi sushi bar.

The restaurant is also being marketed as a family-friendly seafood restaurant.

It also hosts weekly local community fish fry, and the restaurant has partnered with local businesses.

The sushi bar has also opened.

A restaurant owner in Costa Mesa, California, told The Associated Press that she would welcome any kind of restaurant to reopen.

I want it to be welcoming and welcoming to everyone, including the animals.

She also said she’s concerned about the lack of parking and the amount of people coming in and out of the place.