How to cook seafood in your microwave

If you’ve got a microwave you love, you’ll want to learn how to cook in it.

Here’s how to do it right.

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Make sure your oven is properly calibrated.

You need to ensure the oven is calibrated for the temperature you are cooking in.

The more accurate the oven, the more accurate your cooking.

If your oven doesn’t work for your microwave, check with your appliance manufacturer.

Check the temperature of your oven, and ensure the temperature isn’t too high, and the temperature doesn’t get too low.

You don’t want to have a temperature above 140°F (50°C) and a temperature below 110°F (-30°C).2.

If you have a microwave, make sure it is plugged in.

Make sure your microwave is plugged into the wall.

Plugging in a microwave can damage it, so be sure it’s properly charged.

Plug the microwave into the outlet that comes with your oven.3.

Make certain you have enough oven batteries.

You don’t need to keep a whole load of batteries in your oven when cooking in the microwave.

Just keep one battery and the outlet in the oven for your cooking in a sealed container.4.

Check to make sure you have the correct cooking time.

You’ll need to cook your seafood in the dishwasher or in a pot.

The microwave will tell you how long you should cook your dish, but it doesn’t give you an exact time.

It will give you a hint, but the actual cooking time will depend on the cooking method you are using.

The microwave is designed to cook the food at about 1 minute, so you will want to cook for at least 2 minutes.5.

Make your food safe for cooking.

Don’t leave any food in your dishwasher.

Don’t leave the pot covered with food in the sink.

Never put any kind of food in a dishwasher, even for a short period of time.6.

Check your cooking time to make certain it is accurate.

When you check the time, the microwave should tell you it will cook the dish in 1 minute.

But it might not.

If it takes longer, the time might be a little off.

For example, if you check it to 1 minute and then check it for 1 minute again, the first time you check your time you may have used too much time.

If so, you should increase the time in your next check.7.

Check for contamination.

If you have food left over after cooking, it may be contaminated.

Clean the food in utensils, plates, and utensil handles.

Clean utensiles that are not cleaned thoroughly can carry bacteria.

Clean the dish before and after cooking.

Clean plates that are exposed to air can also be contaminated, so check for any potential food contamination before you eat.

If food is left over, it’s safe to eat and you should eat it again if you feel you need to.

Two dead after Indian fishermen sink ship near India’s Maldives

Two people have been killed and seven others injured in an accident off the coast of Maldives.

The vessel, an Italian-flagged vessel, collided with a reef in the Gulf of Aden and the dead were identified as the crew, according to an official statement by the Maldives Coast Guard.

It was sailing from the Indian city of Hyderabad to the Indian port of Alor, when it came under fire.

The Indian coast guard, which is responsible for patrolling the waters of the Gulf, confirmed the incident.

It’s not clear why the crew of the ship did not inform the authorities of the situation.

The ship has been sunk by a strong current and the two men have been identified as members of the crew.

The Maldives government has also launched a probe into the accident.