Cape Fear seafood grill gets new name

A new name for a Cape Fear restaurant is a seafood grill.

Anna’s Seafood Grill in Houston opened last month with a menu that includes grilled seafood from the gulf coast and the Gulf Coast’s biggest seafood company, Gulf Coast Seafood.

Annas owner, Anna S. Buell, said the new name reflects the way people interact with seafood.

“The whole concept is a family, a family food concept,” she said.

“People come from all over the world, and they come here to eat.

We’re not just a seafood restaurant.”

Annas is known for its grilled seafood.

It also serves steaks and fish cakes.

The restaurant serves $3-$5 grilled seafood and $5-$7 steak and seafood.

Buell said the name was inspired by the fact that the seafood here is cooked in a charcoal grill and then grilled on the side, rather than the grill itself.

“People like to know where they’re coming from,” she added.

“You get the flavor and the smell.”

Anna S Bueell and co-owner of Annas Seafood grill.

Business Insider/Derek DeCairesAnnas Seafodgrill is the second location for Annas.

The restaurant opened in July, and the first is in Houston.

The Houston restaurant has more than 50 seats and has been serving seafood for more than 15 years.

Buesell said the Houston location is a bigger hit than the Austin, Texas, restaurant.

The Austin location has had about 60 people in it, and it’s been expanding every month.

“We really think it’s a great restaurant to be at in Texas, because there are so many restaurants,” she explained.

“I’ve got to say it’s the best restaurant in the city.”