FourFour Two: What’s in your favourite restaurants?

FourFour two, the popular food blog from FourFourSeconds, is celebrating the launch of its second cookbook, The Food Show: What to Cook and Eat for a New Year.

The cookbook features recipes from the most popular restaurants in Melbourne’s CBD, including Ellis Seafood and Ellis Fish & Chips, along with new dishes from the likes of Black Pearl, The Greenhouse and The Old Mill.

“With Ellis in Melbourne, we’re excited to bring back our favourite dishes for you,” said FourFour’s managing director of content, Josh Chudley.

“It’s a good time to revisit the dishes from your favorite favourite restaurants in the city, and share some recipes that you may have forgotten about for the first time.”

We hope that our readers will share the recipes with their friends, family and to celebrate New Year’s Day.

“While the recipe guide features more than 1,500 dishes, you can expect to see a healthy mix of dishes from popular restaurants including Elles Fish & Chip, Black Pearl and The Green House, along the lines of classic dishes like the BBQ chicken, chicken noodle, pork and shrimp tacos and the New Year hotdogs.”

I’ve been a huge fan of Ellis since it opened, so it’s great to be able to share a little taste of the city I grew up in with this cookbook,” Ellis owner Tony O’Brien said.”

Every time I go into Ellis I want to try something new, and this cookbooks will do just that.

“If you’re new to Ellis and haven’t tried anything yet, this is definitely for you.”

The book will be released on September 25.

The latest in dining trendsRead more”We’ve been cooking for the last 10 years in Melbourne.

It’s a great time to introduce a new generation of people to Ellises cooking, and we’re really excited about it,” Mr O’Briens wife, Joanna, said.

The Food Show is published by FourFour Seconds, which is owned by Fourfour, and features articles from Fourfour and other Melbourne businesses.

The new cookbook will feature a variety of dishes, including the popular Black Pearl BBQ chicken and grilled shrimp tacos, and the popular New Year Hotdogs, with some new additions including a recipe for the Ellis Pork and Chickpea BBQ Chicken.