‘Ellis’ fish sauce is a winner for Australians

By KEVIN RODDYMOND, ABC NewsAUSTRALIAAUSTRIA’s favourite Australian brand has been given the green light by the Australian Seafood Industry Association to market its fish sauce.

Key points:Ellis seafood is widely popular in the country and is also a favourite among some of Australia’s top chefsFor many Australians, the sauce is the go-to ingredient in seafood dishesAnd it’s a popular part of many dishes at restaurants and on menusA group of Australians are urging the industry to keep its products off the shelves.

The SA Seafood Federation is currently appealing the decision by the Competition and Consumer Commission, which it says is based on “misleading advertising and misleading consumer information”.

It’s one of many complaints against the company by a small group of consumers.

In the past, some of the complaints have included misleading labels and false claims.

The ASA has previously rejected claims that the company had breached its terms of trade, and that its food and drink products were unsuitable for human consumption.

“The SAF is committed to providing fair and reasonable food and food product advice to all consumers of the products that it markets, and to promoting good food and product safety and quality,” the ASA said in a statement on Friday.

“However, the ASA takes seriously complaints that a product advertised to consumers is not good for you and, in the event of a complaint, that the product is unsuitable or unsuitable to use.”

If a product is not marketed to the extent that it meets consumer expectations or is unsuited to use, the company should immediately stop selling the product and discontinue marketing it.

“The company has received a number of complaints in the past year, including from a woman who said she used the sauce on her fish fillets at a restaurant, and from a mother who said her daughter had complained about the product to the company.”

I am a registered nurse and I have been using it for years, I was so happy that I ordered it,” said the woman.”

When we have the chance to try it, I can say that it is really good and it is so easy to use.

“The mother said the product also made her daughter’s stomach go “vomit.””

The sauce is so good, it makes you feel so good and I feel like I’m doing something good,” she said.”

It is so nice to have.

“The case is a reminder that Australian seafood is a popular dish in many countries, and is even being sold in supermarkets and restaurants.

A spokeswoman for the Australian Competition and Commission told the ABC that the agency was not making any further comment at this time.

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