Why a Japanese seafood factory could be a game changer for Britain

A Japanese seafood plant that will be used to produce seafood for the UK’s largest seafood retailer is the latest example of Japan’s burgeoning seafood industry.

The new plant will create about 2,500 jobs and provide up to 1,000 jobs for local workers, the company announced on Tuesday.

“The plant will provide a new, modern, and advanced facility for the export of Japanese seafood to the UK, which will help support the export competitiveness of Japan in the world market,” the company said.

The factory is set to be completed by the end of 2019 and will create around 1,100 jobs in the UK.

The company said the plant will also contribute £50 million in local tax revenues to the local economy.

The plant is expected to open by 2020 and the jobs will be permanent.

The project was launched last year, but has been delayed by the Japanese government.

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