What we know about the deadly MH370 crash

A mystery over the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has never been solved.

But the latest evidence points to a possible collision with another plane.

Key points:The discovery of debris on the seafloor has prompted investigators to conclude there was a collision with MH370The aircraft, which disappeared in March 2014, was carrying 239 peopleMore than 200 pieces of debris from the aircraft have been found on the seabed near the southern Indian Ocean city of Hobart, with authorities saying the pieces are of a Boeing 777.

Key facts:Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished in March last year.

Investigators are now focusing on the wreckage from the plane in the southern part of the Indian Ocean, and hope to have a clearer picture of what happened.

“It is quite possible that this debris is part of a crashed Malaysian Airlines 777-200ER,” said a report published on Tuesday by Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

Investigators have analysed the debris and found that it is a Boeing 767-200F variant.

The plane, which vanished from radar screens over the southern hemisphere last March, was in a training flight in the Indian ocean, and had taken off from Kuala Lumpur when it disappeared.

The wreckage was found in the waters off the southern coast of Tasmania, but has not been identified yet.

Malaysian authorities have been trying to determine what happened to the plane, with the results of a new search operation set to begin on Thursday.

“The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight370 will continue until we find out the truth,” a statement from the Transport Safety Board said.

Investigators have also launched a new operation into the area, called the MH370 Impact Search.

They are now looking for debris that has been found at the bottom of the sea, including the fragments of two Boeing 777-300ER jets.

They have not been able to locate any debris that could be a Boeing 737-800 or a Boeing 747-400.

There are about 200 pieces and more than 200 items of debris have been recovered, with more expected to be found.

The aircraft disappeared from radar on March 6 last year, with 239 people on board.

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