How to eat seafood in the UK

Seafood lovers in the country are being urged to try a new way of eating their favourite seafood, with a new company promising to deliver the “world’s freshest seafood” to British homes.

A team of chefs at the new company, SeafoodSensation, said it was aiming to offer a fresh and “dense” take on seafood, which could be used in soups, salads and cocktails.

The company, which was set up by a former employee of the food service industry, says it will offer “real, real seafood” that is “fresh, flavourful and fresh tasting”.

It said it would use a variety of fish including “dorado fish”, which are typically “fattier” and more flavourful than the more common “lobster”.

In an exclusive interview with FourFourtwo, founder and managing director Sam Stenness said he hoped his new service would bring a fresh “fresh” and “real” seafood to Britain.

“We want to bring you the best seafood you can find in the world and we’re going to do it in a very clean and very safe way,” he said.

In a statement, SeaboodSensing said it wanted to offer “the world’s fresest seafood”, which would be sourced locally and cooked in a “clean and safe” environment.

Its website offers recipes and tips on how to cook your favourite seafood.

Mr Stennesses said the company was currently seeking funding to expand the business.

It is also developing a mobile app that will let users track their favourite dishes, making it easier for customers to compare their own recipes.

While Mr Stennings’ company has not yet revealed any specific prices, it said the meals it offers would be cheaper than those served in restaurants, with prices ranging from “around £7.99” for a “soup” to “£10.99 for a bowl”.

“If you’re looking for the best fish for dinner, then you might look to look at our dinner menu, which includes everything from tuna to king mackerel,” it said.

“Or if you’re not keen on fancy dishes but you’re in the mood for something simple, then look at the family-style meal, which comes with a choice of tuna, salmon or a steak.

However, there will be plenty of other choices too, including the choice of a chicken, chicken salad, steak, lobster or lobster bisque.”

The site states that a range of fish is available, including tuna, mackerells, tuna roe, white perch, macaw, blue perch and other fish.

SeafoodSense will also offer a range, including “sous-vide”, a process where seafood is “cooked in a dish that is a fraction of the size of a plate”.

SeawaterSense will offer a “waterless” option, which means it will not be used as a “mixed salad”.

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