The Brown Bag Shanty That Can Hold 2,000 Fishes

A new brown bag shrimp shack is set to open in a rural community north of Melbourne’s CBD this week.

The Shanty on the River at Kew is part of a project by community and commercial development group the Shanty Foundation.

It’s located in an old mining town called Waverley and was created in 2003.

The group said the shack is designed to cater for a growing number of local and regional communities in Victoria, which includes a large number of rural communities.

“The Shanties main focus is to provide a small home to a small number of people and provide a place for them to grow their business and community,” the group said in a statement.

“As with any community project it takes time and money to build and maintain the shack, and we need the community’s support in the process.”

The Shaties owners are currently in talks with the town council to lease the building.

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