Cajun shrimp boil video gets 4 million hits on YouTube

The Cajuns have been in the spotlight recently for their traditional Caribbean cuisine.

Now, they’re making their own seafood sauce with their own name.

According to the Cajuntas blog, the sauce will be available on tap at the Cactus Lounge in New Orleans and at restaurants in South Louisiana.

The dish is called Cajupit, and the sauce is made from fresh Cajups, shrimp, crawfish, oysters, and shrimp blobs.

It will be served with shrimp scampi and a homemade green chili sauce, according to the blog.

Cajun food has long been considered to be a traditional dish, with shrimp and crawfish being the most popular.

Cajunts also traditionally make a variety of other dishes, like shrimp fried chicken and shrimp cocktail.

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