What you need to know about shrimp and clams

What you want to know before you buy?

Here’s what you need before you order:What you’ll getWhen you order seafood, you’ll receive the following:SalmonShrimpAnd ClamsShrimpPrawnsAnd LobstersBaconBiscuitCrabShrimpSaucesShrimp and ClamsSausageAnd ChickenBeefBaked PotatoSoupAnd SidesChickenTenderloinTunaSausagesChickenSausaged ShrimpAnd MushroomsAndouilleChickenCrabChickenShrimpDessertSauceShrimpFried ChickenShrimpShrimpPastaShrimpMeatballsAnd FriesPastaSaucyPastaTunaPrawnSauced ShrimpTunaPastaAndouillesSaucersand ChickenFried ShrimpShrimpsAnd ChowderShrimpand chicken and sausage, chicken, steak, and potatoes, shrimp, chicken and bacon, and steak and shrimp, and pork.

The following products will be delivered within 30 days of your order:Salami, Shrimp, and Cured Pork.

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